Youth Shelter


The YAHA Youth Shelter is a ten bed facility located in the Human Resource Building at 350 City View Dr., Suite 305, Evanston. The Youth Shelter is designed to provide short-term shelter care (up to 30 days) and crisis services to boys and girls, ages 10-17 regardless of race, color, national origin religious creed or disabilities.


The YAHA Youth Shelter is certified by the Wyoming Department of Family Services as a Youth Crisis Center. YAHA is a member of the Wyoming Youth Services Association.


The Youth Shelter is funded by the State of Wyoming, Uinta and Lincoln Counties, the City of Evanston, United Way and local contributions. 

Appropriate Referrals:

Troubled Youth who are admitted to the YAHA Youth Shelter must meet the admissions criteria which include:

  • Nonviolent in nature
  • Not actively suicidal 
  • Not under the influence of Alcohol or other drugs


There are several types of referrals to the Youth Shelter:

  • 48 Hr Crisis Placements
  • Private Placements
  • Court Ordered Placements


48 Hr Crisis Placements are admitted by local law enforcement agencies. These placements include youth that are out of control, have run away from home, and/or are in need of protective custody. The maximum length of stay (by law) is 48 hours, not including weekends and holidays, at which time the child must either return home or appear before a court.


Private Placements are admitted by the parent (s) of the child in need of services. This is a voluntary agreement whereby the parent (s) places the child in the temporary physical custody of the Youth Shelter. The child may remain at the Youth Shelter for a maximum of 30 days (extensions may be granted on a case by case basis).


Court Ordered Placements are those admitted by the Department of Family Services (DFS) by order of the Juvenile Court. The length of stay varies depending upon the reason of placement. Often youth are placed at the Youth Shelter short term while transitioning to and from other placements.


Services Provided:

The YAHA Youth Shelter operates a behavior modification program that consists of daily points and levels. This system encourages positive behavior while providing structure and support to assist the youth in addressing their identified issues. The Youth Shelter staff provides 24 hour, 7 day a week supervision.

The Youth Shelter Program emphasizes life skills training, problem-solving and academic success. Educational groups and structured recreational activities are held on a regular basis. We offer an education specialist who is a certified teacher to tutor and mentor our youth and assist them in reaching their educational goals. Therapeutic services are provided by local counseling centers and drug and alcohol treatment providers.